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Approved Breeders

Our approved breeders follow the club's code of ethics for breeding rodents and adhere to the care recommendations set out by the club. Their rodentries are examined annually for compliance. If you are interested in becoming a QRF approved breeder, please see our application process here.

Active Approved Breeders

Mouse Breeders

The Good Egg Mousery
Operated by Holly O'Donnell
Gold Coast, QLD

Verminselli Mousery
Operated by Nardia Hancock

Brisbane, QLD

Very Mice Manor
Operated by Belinda Alexander
Lockyer Valley, QLD


Rat Breeders

Rainbow Magic Rattery
Operated by Teresa Stock
Logan, QLD

Right Paw Rattery
Operated by Grover Greenfield
South Brisbane, QLD


Rachie's Ratirement Home
Rat rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

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Approved Breeders On Hiatus

Mouse Breeders

Happy Little Accidents
Operated by Julie Storm
South Brisbane, QLD



Fairypaws Rodentry
Operated by Jo Davis
Logan, QLD

Pixie Paws Rodentry
Operated by Mel Carmichael
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Rat Breeders

Rat Addiction Rattery
Operated by Sandy O'Hare
North Brisbane, QLD


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