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Show Rules

Members and guests alike are more than welcome to attend and enter our rodent shows. Even if you aren't going to enter on the day, there are plenty of rats & mice to cuddle, plenty of people chat to and merchandise to purchase. The Queensland Rodent Fanciers (QRF) Shows are also a great place to meet some registered rodent breeders and their animals.

Show Rules

  1. Only QRF registered breeders are allowed to advertise their rodentries on the day.

  2. Only QRF registered breeders may bring rodents to the show to be picked up by new owners. No sale of animals is allowed at shows.

  3. Only financial members of QRF may sell merchandise on the day.

  4. To enter rodents you must be attending on the day. Someone may not enter your rodents on your behalf. Rodent showing is a fun social event, so we try to encourage members to be involved in the day rather than simply sending their rodents off to come back with awards.

  5. ​Any enclosures brought to QRF events must be cleaned and in good condition with fresh bedding materials. Rodents should have access to food and water throughout the day, as well as access to safe areas inside of hutches/hides. Enclosures should not be overcrowded- any enclosure that is housing a few more rodents than is recommended for the size of the enclosure should contain an adequate amount of extra enclosure furnishings to accommodate a slight increase in numbers. Any enclosure in poor condition, that is dirty or has old bedding, does not provide access to amenities or severely overcrowded is strictly not permitted at events hosted by QRF.

  6. Guests and members alike are welcome to bring along rats or mice for company, even if they aren't entered in the show. However, every animal that comes into the hall on the show day must fit the following requirements:

  • The rat or mouse must be lice & mite treated at least 48 hours before being brought to the show. You can buy "Ivomec" or "Kitten & Puppy Revolution" from your pet shop or vet to treat your rats and mice. Simply dab a small drop behind each ear and your rats & mice are covered. This is to prevent the spread of bugs at our rodent shows.

  • Rats must be at least 8 weeks of age and mice at least 6 weeks of age.

  • The rat or mouse must not be pregnant or nursing.

  • The rat or mouse must be in good health with clear breathing.

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