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Rat Standards

Listed below are the rat varieties classes judged at QRF shows. Each category has several classes within it (for example, the standard category has four classes). Rats within each class are awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and the highest scoring rat from all of the standard classes is awarded Best Standard Rat.

Standard Category
Standard Self Ticked
Standard Self Non-Ticked
Standard Marked Ticked
Standard Marked Non-Ticked

Rex Category
Rex Self Ticked
Rex Self Non-Ticked
Rex Marked Ticked
Rex Marked Non-Ticked

Double Rex Category
Double Rex Self Ticked
Double Rex Self Non-Ticked
Double Rex Marked Ticked
Double Rex Marked Non-Ticked

Patchwork Category
Patchwork Black Eyed
Patchwork Ruby Eyed
Patchwork Pink Eyed

Silk Category
Silk Self Ticked
Silk Self Non-Ticked
Silk Marked Ticked
Silk Marked Non-Ticked

Velour Category
Velour Self Ticked
Velour Self Non-Ticked
Velour Marked Ticked
Velour Marked Non-Ticked

Powder-Puff Category
Powder-Puff Self Ticked
Powder-Puff Self Non-Ticked
Powder-Puff Marked Ticked
Powder-Puff Marked Non-Ticked

Miscellaneous Classes
(For rodents who don't fit into a variety class.)

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