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Pet Standards

Pet classes are judged only on health, temperament, and condition; the colour and conformation of an animal are not taken into account during judging. Rodents may accumulate Pet Championship Points by winning Best Pet in Show & Reserve Pet in Show among many other awards. Pet categories are broken into age and gender groups which are listed below. To view the pet standards document, click the button below.

Young Rat/Mouse Category (12 weeks to 6 months)
Young Bucks
Young Does
Young Adult Rat/Mouse Category (6 months to 12 months)
Young Adult Bucks
Young Adult Does
Adult Rat/Mouse Category (12 months to 18 months)
Adult Bucks
Adult Does
Senior Rat/Mouse Category (18 months+)
Senior Bucks
Senior Does
Miscellaneous Rat/Mouse Classes
Junior Owned
Junior owned is a category in pet class for exhibitors below 18 years of age. Junior owned are also enter in their respective pet category i.e Young doe pet rat. The animal competes for all other awards as usual as well as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best Junior Owned awards.

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