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Championship Points

Champion Points

Champion points are awarded to individual animals at each show and are accumulated over the life time of the animal. Any animal entered into pet or varieties can aim for champion. Over the life time of your animal they need to accumulate the following points in total to gain champion:

Champion: 20 Points
Grand Champion: 30 Points
Supreme Grand Champion: 40 Points

Points awards at each show are:
Best in Show: 4 Points
Reserve in Show: 3 Points
Best in Category: 2 Points
1st Place Certificate: 3 Points
2nd Place Certificate: 2 Points
3rd Place Certificate: 1 Point


Best & Reserve of Year​
The Champion Point System also gets used to determine which rodents win the Best and Reserve of the Year. The Difference between Best/Reserve of Year and the Champion Point System is that the Best/Reserve of Year is only for the show calendar year and not the animal's life time. For Example: The last show calendar year ran from November 2018 to October 2019. In that show year LMR Joanna Beth owned by Allison Marshal won Best Rat of year because in that calendar year she gained the most Champion Points. The next rat to win the most Champion Points was LMR Kronk owned by Amy Tate making LMR Kronk Reserve Rat of the Year. Best/Reserve of Year awards are:​

Best Rat of Year
Reserve Rat of year
Best Mouse of Year
Reserve Mouse of Year
Best Pet Rat of Year
Reserve Pet Rat of Year
Best Pet Mouse of Year
Reserve Pet Mouse of Year
​Best Rat Breeder of Year
Reserve Rat Breeder of Year
Best Mouse Breeder of Year
Reserve Mouse Breeder of Year

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