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Breeder's Group

When exhibitors, who are also breeders, enter into rat or mouse varieties classes they can enter their animals into breeders group to run for best rat/mouse breeder of the show. Those who win best breeder at each show then also go into the running of Best Breeder of the Year.

Conditions of entering breeders group:

  • Entry fee for breeders group is $2

  • Any breeder can enter, not just approved breeders. ​

  • To be eligible the animal must be bred intentionally by the breeder and possess their prefix. 

  • Eligible animals can be entered into any category including conformation.

  • On the day the animals with the 3 highest scores from each breeder (Has the correct prefix and owned by the breeder) will be competing against the other breeders for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Best breeder awards.  

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