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Queensland Rodent Fanciers aims to provide a safe and happy environment for all rodent enthusiasts. Considering the current global climate the safety of our members and public visitors is even more important to the management team of QRF. The management team is has implemented the following Covid Safe Measures and continues to update before each gathering.

-Maintain social distancing 1.5m between people and tables
-Maximum of 30 people in the hall at 1 time. This allows for 20 club members and 10 members of public
- A Greeter at the door keeping track of numbers in the hall.
-Anyone who enters the hall, including exhibitors and members of the public, must fill out a register to include name, phone number, address, and time of arrival.
- All who enter the hall must have temperature checked and sanitize hands before entry
-Maximum of 12 exhibitors to allow for spacing and only 1 exhibitor per table
-Each Exhibitor must have hand sanitizer on their table
- No touching or holding of animals at the show, other than those being judged
- Reduce the number of animals being entered at the show to reduce how long we are in the hall for and to allow extra time for proper cleaning at the end of the day
- Only have 1 person running the raffle table and this person is to wear gloves and hand the item/s to winners on the day
- Rearrange where our judges tables are to reduce the amount of people near the bathroom area 
-No one allowed near judge’s tables, with the exception of the steward bring animals up to judge.
- Numbering system for canteen area at lunch time to reduce the amount of people in that area. E.g. Call up numbers 1-3 first then 4-6 and so one.
- Single use plates, cups etc.
End of day:
-Wipe and disinfect all tables and chairs after use and before we put them away
-Wipe and disinfect all toilets
-Wipe and disinfect kitchen
-Wipe and disinfect all light switches and handle of doors
-Wipe and disinfect all bins
-Sweep floors as usual

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