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Meet Our Judges

Tenille Webster- Rat Varieties, Mouse Varieties, and Pet Classes


Hi, I'm Tenille. I've been part of the rodent showing community for over 8 years now. I started out just showing my pet rats but got addicted to the scene and in short order became a rat and mouse breeder as well as judge of rats, mice, and pet categories. I've also spent years on the committee as secretary, president, and vice president.

Tenille with her beautiful dog, Marque.

I've recently taken a step back from owning and showing rodents to focus on other things but I still love to come and judge and get to snuggle with rodents from time to time.

My favourite rat varieties are silverfawn and anything variegated. In


Tenille's heart rat, Drake's Howl


Eldorado, one of the first patchwork mice in QLD.

mice I can't pass up a good patchwork. As one of the breeders who brought them to Queensland they will always have a very special spot in my heart. As a judge I feel I am unbiased, firm but fair and if your animal is healthy and friendly they will do well with me.

Alex Layt - Rat Varieties, Mouse Varieties, and Pet Classes


My experiences with rodents started when I was very young. At around 4 years old we had Guinea pigs, then when I was about 6 they had pet rats on playschool (around 2005). After seeing this I immediately asked my mum if we could get a rat, and that day we walked down to the petshop in my then small city. So many options came out with a single 4 week old rat (there wasn't alot of


information about rats out there at the time)! Scabbers was my first and only rat until I was about 18. When I was 16 I got my first 2 male mice and a year later I got into breeding and joined the QRF in 2018. When I started breeding I really got into it and was breeding the best mice I could and to the QRF Standards. To this day, a lot of
QLD breeders still have my lines active in their mice.

I recently stopped breeding but I still love rodents. Some of my favourite varieties of mice are Blue Argente, Argente, Wheaten, and Blue, all in texel coat of course! And my favourite rat varieties are Blue, Champagne, Agouti and all the Chocolate colours in rex, double rex and patchwork! But most of all I love rodents with good health and temperament!

Julie Russo - Rat Varieties


Julie with her heart rat, Mineral Oil

Hi, I’m Julie. I have owned rats and mice and

been a part of the club for almost 5 years now. I started out only owning boy rats and showing in pet class and then jumped headfirst into breeding mice. Around that time I also learnt rat varieties judging. I have been judging rat varieties for about 4 years with the club.

My favourite variety of mouse is long coated bone, and my favourite rat type is fawn or cinnamon rex rats. Although, my favourite shape is large and in charge as seen by my fave rat boy Chunkanomicon and my best mouse girl Burnt Chicken Nugget.


Burnt Chicken Nugget



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