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Welcome to Queensland Rodent Fanciers!

Queensland Rodent Fanciers (QRF) is a small passionate Brisbane based club dedicated to showing the world how amazing rats and mice are. Founded in 2000 under the name "Australian Rodent Fanciers Society of Queensland Inc." the club has continued to grow and become a fun and social group who love to spread the word about these wonderful animals. 

QRF strives to provide the following to all its members:

  • a social forum for owners of rats and mice.

  • to provide information on keeping and caring for rats and mice to individuals and organisations.

  • to offer owners opportunities to show their rats and mice.

  • to educate current and future rodent breeders on the responsible and ethical breeding of rats and mice, and minimum standards of care for breeding rodents.

  • to increase public awareness of fancy rats and mice as valued house pets.

  • to offer education and information about native Australian rodents.

Please feel free to take a look through these pages, in here you will find plenty of information about our club and activities, along with information on caring for and showing your pets.

COVID-19 Update:
Our show year is going ahead with Covid-19 safety measures in place. If you have any questions or concerns about this please email us at or to view our COVID-19 Safety Measures please click here.


Next Show: Sunday the 17th of December 2023
​Location: The Brisbane Finnish Hall, Mount Gravatt
Show Theme: Rodents In Pop Culture
Public Hours: 10am - Show Finish (estimated
Exhibitor Hours: 9am - Show Finish (estimated 3pm)

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